When I was a kid, my family and I went to visit a relative’s home on Christmas Eve to open presents. This was in West Virginia, in the late 2000’s I think, and I remember it being dark at the time. On the way to our destination we were driving past a natural clearing between two mountains that was by the roadside. This spot was also near a railroad crossing. We saw three large red floating lights and at first thought it was a new cell tower. Then the lights began moving ever so slightly and we saw that they weren’t attached it anything. My father pulled the car over and we all stared at the lights for a

On a night in late September of 2009, possibly the 28th, a woman named Carly was on the front porch of her house near the Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was reportedly hanging early Halloween decorations when she suddenly got the eerie sense that she was being watched. From the woods behind her house, she kept hearing the worrying sound of footsteps and movement. Feeling uneasy, she went inside to her bedroom and peered out the back window to the woods beyond her backyard. Through the glass she saw a horrible sight. There she reportedly saw a 4 to 5 foot tall dark creature with wet leathery skin. The thing appeared to be in a crouched position like

  In 2019 a West Virginia local, who was familiar with my interest in oddities and winged creatures such as Mothman, approached me with a strange piece of paper. “I saw THIS in the mirror,” she said frantically. She had drawn a sketch of a peculiar scene that she had supposedly seen in her fog-covered bathroom mirror. She claimed it appeared to her as a life-like vision. The image was of eight robed figures with their heads down at a large table. The seating placement looked oddly purposeful. She said the figure in the center with the most detail, which had its arms on the table, was the “leader.” The sketch also features strange crosses with dots on the

  The following is a comprehensive list of oddities, apparitions and anomalous phenomena [1968 – 1990]. Work in progress, more things to be added over time. ________________________________________________________________ ⦁ Vegetable Man – July 1968 (WV) Witness(es): Jennings H. Frederick Date: July 1968 Location: North of Fairmont near Grant Town, West Virginia AKA: Veggieman Investigator(s): Gray Barker Story: Before entering the Air Force, a man by the name of Jennings H. Frederick supposedly had a strange encounter with a green stalk-like creature in the woods north of Fairmont, West Virginia. He was returning to his home in Grant Town after hunting woodchuck with a bow and arrow when he suddenly heard a high pitched sound like that of a sped-up recording.

  The following is a comprehensive list of oddities, apparitions and anomalous phenomena [1966 – 1967]. Work in progress, more things to be added over time. ________________________________________________________________________ Preface (A Quick “Mothman” Summary For Context): The case of Point Pleasant, West Virginia’s “Mothman” officially began with the supposed Scarberry and Mallette sighting on November 15th 1966 that was later printed by the local press. The story soon spread. It reportedly went over the wire service and was even featured in the “Stars And Stripes” newspaper which was sent over to the American Troops in Vietnam. In the aftermath, dozens of reports describing a winged creature and lights in the sky continued to be reported in the papers including sightings which

  The following is a list of important or noteworthy researchers of supposed anomalous phenomena and Fortean subject matter, including author bibliographies or relevant books. Listed chronologically from when their work reportedly began. ________________________________________________________________ Preface : The history of the study of anomalous phenomena, which has come to be known as “Fortean research”, is a vast and complicated one with many branching paths or side passageways. This list is compiled of various classic researchers who studied a variety of topics including spirits, UFOs, monsters, parapsychology and more.  This list includes some influential figures previous to Charles Fort that I feel also contributed to the Fortean study in some way such as noted Spiritualists and Mesmerists. Also included are story

In 2015, while in Highschool, my classmate Brandon told me that he had reportedly witnessed something bizarre in West Virginia back in 2008. The conversation began when he noticed the Mothman books I was reading in the school library. Brandon said that what he saw was similar to the Mothman in appearance. I took interest in his story and interviewed him about it while writing down what he told me in my notepad. The following is his supposed sighting as he relayed it to me. He claimed that the story was completely true and without exaggeration. It was rainy a night in 2008 and due to the storm there was a power outage in Brandon’s small West Virginia community.

  The following is a comprehensive list of oddities, apparitions and anomalous phenomena [1700 – 1965]. Work in progress, more things to be added over time. ________________________________________________________________ ⦁ Ogua – 1700s (WV & OH) Date: The late 1700s Location: Along the Monongahela River in West Virginia and Ohio AKA: Agua, Agou Investigator(s): Historian Glenn D. Lough Story: The story of Ogua was a tale reportedly told by indigenous people along the Monongahela river to frighten European settlers such as soldiers, traders, and early visitors to the region. The story was then passed along by miners and factory workers who settled along the river in places like Fairmont and Morgantown West Virginia as well as Marietta Ohio. In the late