In 2019 a West Virginia local, who was familiar with my interest in oddities and winged creatures such as Mothman, approached me with a strange piece of paper.

“I saw THIS in the mirror,” she said frantically.

She had drawn a sketch of a peculiar scene that she had supposedly seen in her fog-covered bathroom mirror. She claimed it appeared to her as a life-like vision. The image was of eight robed figures with their heads down at a large table. The seating placement looked oddly purposeful. She said the figure in the center with the most detail, which had its arms on the table, was the “leader.”

The sketch also features strange crosses with dots on the end, one of which is inverted like Saint Peter’s cross. Then there is a wrinkly winged creature that she claimed for some reason was “evil.” There is something in his mouth “like a flute or a pipe.”

The supposed witness of this image wasn’t religious or interested in the occult. Nor did she claim to be a psychic of any kind. I asked if she thought the winged figure was the Mothman. She didn’t think so.

There is something somewhat surreal about the drawing and about the whole situation. At least to me there is. I kept going back to the sketch as if I’d suddenly solve it or figure it out like a puzzle.

Is it a prediction of some sort, a glimpse into somewhere else, or perhaps even a metaphor? I’m not sure. I’ve got no clue what it means. Thus why I’ve felt the need to include it here.

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