(Carly’s sketch of the creature she reportedly saw in Ohio in September of 2009.)

On a night in late September of 2009, possibly the 28th, a woman named Carly was on the front porch of her house near the Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio.

She was reportedly hanging early Halloween decorations when she suddenly got the eerie sense that she was being watched. From the woods behind her house, she kept hearing the worrying sound of footsteps and movement.

Feeling uneasy, she went inside to her bedroom and peered out the back window to the woods beyond her backyard. Through the glass she saw a horrible sight.

There she reportedly saw a 4 to 5 foot tall dark creature with wet leathery skin. The thing appeared to be in a crouched position like someone posed with their shoulders arched or like a creature with a neckless head that formed seamlessly to the rest of its body.

“The skin literally was glistening in the moonlight,” she said, “I’d never been more scared in my life, and immediately thought I was seeing things.”

Two weeks later, her former husband supposedly spotted the same uncanny creature when taking out the trash. The being scurried off from the bins when he opened the door. The witness soon moved from the supposed sighting location.

Though initially frightened, Carly was later excited by her odd encounter. She claimed that the experience opened her mind to the possibility of unexplained creatures.

After researching into it, Carly believed the creature to be the same thing reportedly seen in Loveland, Ohio many decades previous in 1955 and 1972. She claimed to have not heard of those stories before this.

Carly later told her experience to her husband Ryan, who became a correspondent of the Appalachian Mystery Society which I founded in 2020. He then shared the story with the group.

I promptly interviewed Carly and Ryan on December 13th 2020 via voice call to collect further details of the story and discuss other strange happenings in their lives as well as their views on the unknown. I also asked Carly to draw a sketch of the supposed creature, which she provided and is displayed above.

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